Work environment

I have worked at the same factory for almost 19 years. It’s small around 100 employees. When we hire people they are usually family members or friends. Very few outsiders. We also specialize in undesirable employees. Such as people in rehab houses, ex cons PTSD sufferers, people really down on their luck. We take these people into our family and we try to help them help theirselves. The other employees make sure they have lunch we call and check on them if they are late. We share our own hard luck experiences with them on breaks. We give advice. We have two women whose husbands have terminal cancer. We employ a lot of well past retirement people also. With 12 people in the dept we need everyone but they both have to take extended time off and we all just work around it. It takes a lot to get fired, if you can’t do a job you are just sent to every position until you can do something. We have even helped other employees go to rehab when they start showing signs of an addiction. So I wanna know if this is how most factories are because I have never worked anywhere else.