What is engineering technology management?

Hello, I am a factory worker, I am also really into machines, I love them, everytime I go to work and see a tool or a machine I always wonder how it works and try to figure it out, even though I’m not really smart.

So I decided that I’d try to be a maintenance technician, I am only 3 classes away from getting my AAS in Industrial maintenance technology, than will start looking for a maintenance job.

But the sad part is, this degree only transfers into one other degree that i noticed at a pretty good university, it’s to far for me to commute but its 100% online or has classes you can take at the closest community college.

It’s called engineering technologymanagement, I’ve looked at the courses and some of their descriptions, a lot of them tie into business management types of things, lean 6 sigma, quality assurance, and some stuff, like, implementing technology, and such.

I’m just kinda confused what this degree really is, I wanted to one day maybe be a maintenance supervisor, after I serve as a real technician of course, would this degree help?