The right bead manufacturer

My product will require hundreds of thousands of 1 inch beads.

After a year of looking for the perfect bead, I’ve finally found it and built the prototype as I want it to exist. Using the orange bead

The look, feel, sound and weight of these beads are imperative the success of this product, and I’ve been blown away at how much nuance there is in a simple plastic cylinder.

The problem is I’m currently paying 10cents per bead from a small jump rope company in FL, and they refuse to share any information on their supplier.

I also don’t know much about the bead except:
It’s Thicker
Higher Density Plastic
Matte instead of shine
UV/ Neon
Weighs about .85g
(Any guesses on the type of plastic to help me put together an RFQ?)

I scoured alibaba and ordered several samples, nothing currently exists how I need it and the delivery time is a problem. I’ve also been searching catalogs of domestic plastics companies and called around with no success.

It seems my best bet would be to get this custom made.

Should I be sending samples of the beads to different plastics companies to ensure a similar plastic is used? Or would RFQ’s with descriptors like listed above be sufficient?
Should I be focusing on domestic?

Any and all information on how to replicate this beautiful orange bead would mean the world to me.

Thank you!