Small run 2-part urethane RIM production insourcing

We outsource several urethane elastomer parts to China. Typically 70-90 durometer, black. Quantity is typically 300-1000pcs per month of each part. They charge us about $1.50usd and the parts are about 20-50 grams each (I’d have to confirm this)

Does anyone have experience doing this molding in their shop? I see rim presses on alibaba. I’m a die maker myself or we could outsource the molds to China.

Looking to reduce costs and lead time. And provide more control over design changes and general quality. But maybe it’s not economical after buying the machines and tools, given our low production. I don’t even know where to get the raw materials or their cost.

I presume we need the press machine to open and close the mold, we need the 2-component mixing system for the urethane, and injection system. And we need the molds. Am i missing something?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.