Question re: 2020/2021 outlook for Manufacturing

hi guys first time poster in this sub, I’m hoping for some insight.

My partners and I specialize in AI driven B2B Brokerage (connecting Supplier A with Client B).

We’ve recently successfully exited the PPE space, and want to apply our success there with the Manufacturing world in other markets. we’ve made headway with manufacturers in China, Vietnam, USA, Canada and Morocco who want us to connect them with buyers, and there’s no shortage of options or demand.

which brings me to my question: we can essentially go in almost any direction with regards to sourcing, whether it be raw, semi finished or finished goods; we are a little overwhelmed with the vast options out there as a starting point/industry/product .

we’re looking for products/markets that will have a significant demand/uptick throughout the next year either as a result of the pandemic and new production cycles, or not.

our interest is volume deals, and collecting a performance fee/commission on the deals we bring.

Which market (NOT PPE) would you propose to focus on for the next 6-12 months ?

TL:DR - Have an Artificial Intelligence company that is doing commission driven lead generation. Which markets/products would you suggest to focus on as they will be in high demand over the next year?

Thanks in advance :pray: