Possibility of finding a manufacturer that will dropship

This might be a rookie question, but I’ve recently been working on a business endeavor for a new idea I have and am currently stuck on the supplier/manufacturer part of things.

The product I have in mind would be pretty easy to make, it’s kind of like a cool sign/poster with LED lights on it. There’s similar products online, but none that are my exact product. I’ve been doing research trying to find a manufacturer but am not sure if I’m approaching this correctly.

My question is: Is it possible to find a supplier/manufacturer that can MAKE the product for me AND drop ship it directly to my customers? Or if I need something new made would I just have to order in bulk and then handle shipping by myself?

If it is possible I’d love to hear any piece of advice and any tips you have for finding a good supplier that can make it for me at a cheap price. If you have a lot of knowledge on this topic feel free to message me and you’ll be rewarded for your help!