Online Courses/Reading on How to Improve a Manufacturing Job Shop?

Hey all. I’ve been with my current company for about a year now and I have been put in charge of our Fabrication job shop and tasked with improving project management, lead times, estimate generation, marketing, etc. Just about everything!

My question, do any of you know any worthwhile courses/reading on how I can learn how to do this? I’ve always been in sales but due to some things in my background my current employer wants me to focus on this group for a while before moving back into sales.

We are the fabrication division of a much larger company, and long story short we put together pre-packaged equipment skids to be installed in the field. It makes it easier for the customer to just sit the entire skid in place and hook up to it and go. A quick example is a company like S&S technical (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just googled “packaged skids” and they were one of the first results).

Our process is extremely clunky right now, and having a sales background and not an operations/management/process background I’m at a bit of a loss. The customer service/quoting aspect has improved since I’ve taken over, but I’m not sure how to do any of the rest of it. We mostly do custom work and do not have “off the shelf” designs to pull from. We have a few design engineers on staff, but they are also in charge of project management, purchasing, shipping, etc.

Any suggestions in terms of reading/Udemy/courses would be greatly appreciated! Or any certification program suggestions as well would be helpful. And if there is a different sub I should visit please point me in that direction and I’ll delete this thread. Thank you.