New England Advanced Manufacturing Hub Launch Recoriding

Yesterday we had the first New England AMHUB event - a great roundtable discussion with New England manufacturers around lessons learned from COVID and how their companies are adaption to the new realities. Here is a video recording of the event, would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and continue the conversation in the comments!

Some of our takeaways:

:one: The Pandemic has Made Us More Open to Changes.

  • It has made us embrace remote enablement more willingly.
  • Unleashed the level of innovation that people have not thought about before.

:two: The Big Reset is Now.

  • Redeploying the workforce and investing in training resources need to happen. Not when we go back to the workforce.
  • This will require partnerships between companies, education institutions, the government, and other stakeholders.

:three: The Onshoring of Manufacturing.

  • Moving away from tool-based production to fully digital production can enable this.
  • Better demand forecasting will enable engineers to modify their products much closer to the launch cycle.

:four: We Must Focus on the People.

  • How do we enable more people?
  • How do we leverage peoples’ skills to work with cobots?

:five: All the Stakeholders Must Work Collaboratively.

  • SMEs need greater support with the leadership of large companies.
  • Various stakeholders such as OEM, suppliers, and the government all need to come together and collaborate on digital transformation.
  • The government should have a roadmap of this transformation but stay flexible.