Manufacturing Execution systems (MES)

What has everyone’s experiences been with MES?

Our plants production planning is seriously outdated. The planning process takes a whole week and is regularly out of date by the time of issue. Supplementing this, shop floor management is myopic. This has led to a complete disregard for the (out of date) production plans.

The planning process also has no closed feedback , so problem jobs are regularly replanned and then re-ignored. This has created a negative feedback loop where planning complain about the lack of plan adherence, and production the bad plans. (Production managers have access to orderbook reports so can easily go there own way, and regularly do)

I want to improve this through better communication between the two departments. For the research I’ve done, an MES system is likely the best fit solution.

Does anyone have experience implementing an MES?

What are the benefits and draw backs to consider?

For context our plant is job shop, split 50/50 OEM and MRO. All low volume high variety.