Maintenance Mechanic in the Film Fill Industry Help

Hey Reddit,

Earlier today I had an interview at a small company that manufactures thermo-fills. The job position I was interviewed for was a Maintenance Mechanic.

When I met with the supervisor, he was kind obviously. The issue is, none of the maintenance workers there nor the supervisor know how to weld, like at all. They don’t know much about electrical repairs outside of repairing heat exchangers. They don’t know how to drive scissor lifts and they don’t even really work with pneumatics or hydraulic systems. Which is fine. Different companies do things differently. The supervisor himself admittedly can’t weld and doesn’t know anything about the extruders in the plant. I just was expecting the supervisor to be able to at least know how to repair other machinery in the plant.They wanted someone who could repair heat exchangers and rewire them as necessary and have at least an idea of how pneumatic and hydraulic systems work, and of course, electrical knowledge. No problem. I can do that.

The interview was only 30 minutes long. He showed me around the plant and showed me what I’d be doing. The issue is he didn’t explain any company policies. He didn’t specify which certifications/skills would be needed or required. He didn’t go over dress code or even maybe a clean-shaven policy. He didn’t specify safety on certain areas or safety at all. Literally just showed me what I’d be doing.

Is this simply him not necessarily caring and just showing me to be respectful but won’t give me a call back? Or is it maybe a smaller company that doesn’t care and will just hire anybody?

Please keep in mind, I’m 27 years old. Not a seasoned maintenance worker. But I have the certificates and knowledge needed for this job. And I’m surely qualified I feel like.