Looking for some help with Statement of Work/Standard Operating Procedure Templates and Training


I work at a small company of 100 employees as a supply chain manager. Sometimes employees come to us for requests to purchase services that require a SOW and SOP but no one here knows what that is. I have put together a very rough template of what items are required and have started trying to get a short 30 minute training for the team but the resources on the web are not very good. Does anyone have a training on this we could start off (I would customize it) or a rough outline of what to cover? Would prefer not to start from scratch.


As an example of services we buy that would need a SOW:
-Vendor Managed Inventory

-On site calibration services (2 year contract)

-Freight Services


Here are rough subheadings I have for some of our SOWS


-Supplier Requirements

-Our Responsibilities

-Quality Requirements




For the SOP we have

-Invoicing Instructions