Looking for Cotton/Bamboo blanket manufacturers in US

I have a company that currently has our items manufactured in China. But it’s growing a bit, and we are making more money, so I’d like to investigate getting our items manufactured in the US.

However, I have had no luck finding any. Looked on Thomasnet and sent a bunch of emails and have either gotten no response or gotten a response of “no, we can’t do that”.

We have some specific requirements of size/fabric type but I assume any manufacturer would be able to support our needs. I just can’t find anyone.

Anyone have a line on custom textiles? They are just cotton blankets and such. I have to imagine there are still some US companies that do this, I just can’t find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even if you don’t know of anyone specifically, if you could direct me to a source that would be great.