Looking for a self-fastening+self locating commercial part for assembling “box” structures

Hi r/manufacturing. Not sure if I’m in the right sub for this, please direct me to the right one if it’s not.

I have been assigned to design a booth for an event, and I would like to have some box type “tables” which I will cover up with some curtain. (The box is just to hold things up, the look of the box isn’t too important)

I will have to be able to build this booth in around 30 minutes and I will have to fly to another state to assemble it, and I can’t just pre-assemble the stand and ship it. I would rather not bring wooden planks over too, because drilling would make things messier than I’d like. Therefore, I think the best thing I could have are some self-fastening and self-locating parts, like legos with some snap fit design, that I can easily transport and put together.

Could anyone recommend me such options that I can buy online? Ideally, I could have one assembled box around .5m x .25m x 1m (length x depth x height) and two shorter boxes .5m x .25m x .5m to have a symmetric victory podium type design, but I am flexible to pretty much anything as long as it is easy to assemble and easy to transport.

Thanks! Any replies are greatly appreciated