Jewelry Manufacturing Partner?

This might be a shot in the dark. But, I have a patented cuff bracelet, which doubles as a self-defense device, that I’m trying to find a manufacturer to partner with for the development of our 3 unique designs that we have.

I have had success in finding protoype companies who have printed 3D models of these designs, but we’re trying to get to the level where we can produce large quantity orders so we can bring this product to market. However, I cannot for the of life of me find a manufacturing partner who is a good fit for my product.

Most ‘jewelry manufacturers’ that I find are focused on necklaces, earrings, diamond rings, etc. And alternatively, most other manufacturers that I’ve been in contact with find our designs ‘too complex’ for injection molding & the like. They’re more focused on designing parts of a whole or they are in specific industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, etc. FWIW, our designs aren’t super complex, but they are uniquely designed to be ‘fashionable’ so they have some intricate detail on them for aesthetics - think angel wings, for example, and the added detail of the design which will be necessary for it to look like angel wings.

Any thoughts on finding a manufacturing partner like this? Is injection molding perhaps not the correct route to go for large quantity production?