How should i outsource my 3D printed components?

I have been building a small type of vending machine, but i’m running into problems of being able to make units fast enough.

My biggest constraint is the time it takes to 3D print parts.

I have 5 of my 3D printers working almost 24/7 (as long as they aren’t breaking down). I have 10 different types of 3D printed components that are used to build the machine. To build one machine, i have to print 128 components. The rest of the machine is made from some aluminum fabrication i do and off the shelf components.

6 of those components are 3.5in x 1.5in x .5in. the rest of the components can fit within a 2 inch cube.

Is the best method to outsource my 3D printed components, going to be Injection Molding? Is there anything cheaper?