How do you deal with Noninventory items that are needed for production? (small hardware, labels, zip ties, shipping boxes, cables, etc)


Our company is having issues trying to figure out the best way to manage Noninventory goods that are either on the BOM or not. On one hand it seems like a huge hassle to make these items “inventory” and order against them when the counts may not be acccurate as the parts are small, easy to lose, etc. It would also be a huge hassle to get these really small parts as official inventory and issue screws, washers, etc as a work order to production when they can just have a full bin of gear.
On the other hand we dont have a good way of managing this other than visually seeing they are running low and we rely on production guys to let us know what they need.

What are some pain points you’ve seen or some improvements around this?