Hey all, how do you stay motivated to go to work everyday and stay with one company?

Hey fellow manufacturing workers. I have been working in manufacturing for about 2 years now. I’ve dabbled in metal stamping, injection molding, and lumber yards (probably not exactly relevant). And I have a terrible time staying motivated.

Everytime I get to a company the interview goes great and my hopes are high. The talk is good. Then when I actually hit the ground running things change. The positions not what I was expecting, the managers feel like slave drivers in a way. And I feel like a child being told no put in time-out all the time.

But I have a pretty good solid position. Making “ok” money. At a pretty decent company. And I’m trying my best to stay. But it’s been getting so hard to stay motivated when I feel like I’m being put down all the time. Other employees play pranks on me here and there. I get complained about for no reason. I just feel like the odd man out. Probably also because I’m the new guy and everyone else has been here for 5+ years.

So what can I do to try to stay motivated? My main problem is I’m bored. I’m mechanically minded. And have small ammount of technical school history. And I’m bored of just operating. I like to be working on things. I’ve been dreaming of starting my own business and leaving all of this behind. But I know even if I do that I have to stay here at least a few more months/years.

Any advice?