Help / Wanted - Corrugated Box Manufacturer Buyer

Hi there! I wanted to ask for help or hire someone to review the pricing I am currently getting for my current U.S. box manufacturer, since it seemed to be a bit high. I wanted to ask if anyone on this thread would be interested or would be kind enough to help?

I currently buy 7x5x4 mailers for about .35 cents with shipping into NYC (5,000 unit minimum). This is 32# ECT B flute and Mottled White outside / white inside. I had paid $744 for the die cut. I now want to do printing with three colors and they said they will charge an additional 1,995 for the printing plates and the price changes to 45 cents with a kraft inside.

I also asked for the same thing but for a new 9.5x7x4 mailer and they are asking for $1727 cutting die fee and are charging 46.6 cents for a 5000 minimum. Printing plates to be determined.

I am super small toy business and my margins are super thin, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being jerked around. Maybe this is all a great deal, I just don’t have the proper experience. I wanted to eventually do a mystery box for a Saint Jude’s Hospital fundraiser and so I really wanted to make sure the pricing is good before finalizing anything new.

Any help on this would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!