Help me pick an MRP/MES for my startup

Hello, I’m new to this subreddit. I own a small manufacturing startup that builds commercial pontoon boats.

We do discrete manufacturing with an average build time of about 30 days. All models are the same minus some small customization. We have ten employees (3 welders, 4 assemblers, 2 metal finishers and the production manager).

We have been around for about a year, and I’m in the process of handing day-to-day operations to the new production manager and will be moving out of state. I’ve been researching MRPs now for about two months and done tons of demos but I’m still no closer to finding the right solution. My goal is to be able to check the cloud from anywhere and see where we are out and to provide a tool for the incoming manager to get organized.

Here’s our requirements:

  • Budget - $500-1000/month
  • Cloud Based
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online
  • Production planning
  • Inventory
  • Purchase Orders/Invoicing
  • Basic MES functions like identifying bottlenecks, having a traveler thats tech based and a dashboard for efficiency.

So far I’ve checked out Odoo, JobBoss, ProdSmart, and E2.

I’m completely new to the MRP world so any advice would be appreciated!