Custom Probing Cycle help!

Good evening guys,
I have a question, I’m hoping someone has done before.
I’m boring the ID of a part that is extremely critical based off a feature that can’t be probed in the Z axis.
I have been probing off the front of the part stacking tolerances but it’s just not sustainable.
I want to make a custom holder to hold my probe parallel to the turret and use it to probe in the z axis but horizontally. So instead of hitting the face of the probe now it’s going to be hitting off the side. This way I am able to reach the “critical” shoulder I’m speaking of. What does my custom probing cycle look like? Any idea? I’ll post my results as I work through this. I’m pretty well versed in custom probing programs but I have never had to use a RLP horizontally before, so wasn’t sure if someone else had. Thanks everyone!