Built a script to replace our "request a quote" form, is this useful?

I built a lightweight script to quickly launch catalogs with Request for Quote (RFQ) capabilities for B2B companies (non-tech) to accept detailed customer inquiries via an eCommerce-like experience.

The goal of my project is to add a comprehensive RFQ platform to an existing website without having to design and rebuild the site from scratch (Unlike WooCommerce/Shopify/Magento etc). By doing so, I can better qualify customers at the point of inquiry and decrease the time needed to provide an estimate.

Right now it enables companies to quickly host a branded catalog on the subdomain of their choice, list and search for products/services, provide detailed product pages (picture, FAQ, datasheets, product options), submit an inquiry via a checkout-like process, and customer accounts (to re-inquire and view previous inquiries).

I’m working on adding customer specific pricing lists, integrations with CRMs and Accounting platforms, and expanded customer portal features.

I’m considering sharing the scripts I’m making to enable this and am wondering if this could be useful for other non-tech B2B companies. Would a customer facing self-serve platform that can produce higher quality inquiries be helpful for your sales team?