AMA about Robotic Automation!

Manufacturing is more important than ever, and Robotic Automation is here to help. However, automation can seem daunting and its not always clear where to start.

I’m Kel Guerin, PhD, Co-Founder and CTO of READY Robotics and together with Jake Huckaby, PhD, VP of Strategic Initiatives for READY Robotics, we will be answering your questions about automation, No Code programming, and our new education platform, READY Academy, which enables anyone in manufacturing to quickly learn to design and deploy automation.

Submit your questions here now, and join us 10/29 for our Ask Me Anything where we will answer your questions LIVE!

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Hi @kelguerin, thanks for doing this AMA! Given your background and your company, I’d love to get your take on the “robots are taking our jobs” debate. Do you think in the future factories will be fully automated or do you think there is still a role for humans to play? If so, what is that role and how can manufacturing workers prepare to thrive in that world? Thanks!

Hi Saul, thanks for the great question. We will absolutely address these!

Hey @kelguerin, looking forward to the AMA!! I have a couple of questions:

  1. What are the biggest challenges you see in getting people who understand manufacturing processes and operations to start programming robots??
  2. How do you think the robotics landscape within factories will be different in, say, 10 years time??


Hi @kelguerin
Speaking of robots - nowadays people talk about “co-bots”, robots that work alongside humans.
Which approach do you think is going to prevail in the next 5-10 years? Full robotic automation or Co-bots?
What are the challenges with integrating co-bots?


What kind of experience do folks need to use no code robotic automation tools? Is this something that manufacturing engineers without robotics backgrounds can benefit from?

Couple of questions: 1/ what would you recommend to a mechanical engineer looking to make a career out of programming robots?? 2/ how tool agnostic are the lessons in this new course (ie, will taking this course help me program robots with other tools)??

I’m very interested to learn more about programming robots, but do not currently have access to a robot. Is it necessary for the course to be useful? Are there relatively affordable robots you’d recommend that I can use to get started programming? Thanks!