Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting - Advice Needed

(Note: A Post to understand how it works)

Hey fellow manufacturers!

We have newly invested in High Pressure Aluminium Die Casting machinery and have recently received our first orders. Having an elaborate experience in Plastic Injection Moulding, the technical understanding of this process was not very difficult to grasp.

However, at the order and price finalising steps, I am wondering if being a fresher would leave me taken advantage of. So here are my questions:

  1. Shot Rate: How much on top of my actual shot costs should I charge? How much margin does a Die Caster normally keep with oneself?
  2. Set Cost: If my product is a set of two non-identical pieces, and so it requires two different shots with varying shot costs, how much on top of the sum of these costs should I charge? Is there a formula for this to safeguard me?
  3. Margins: What profit margins in your countries are good and standard profit margins for this line of manufacturing? This is not on shot costs but on total turnover.


Thank you in advance. Have a prosperous winter/summer ahead.