Advice for career in quality assurance

Context : I am 24 years old and through my contacts, I got a job as the director of quality assurance at a manufacturing company.

I graduated college in may with an associates degree in mechanical engineering. While attending college, I worked full time as a Quality control inspector for an aircraft parts manufacturing company. I gained two years of experience there and after graduating, I was offered the job of director at a different company.

I am well aware that if it wasn’t for me knowing the owner of the company, I probably never would’ve had the chance to have that job. That being said, I am now fully in charge of implementing standards such as ISO9001 etc. I also run the whole department.

I have alot on my plate and I am just wondering if this job will open up more opportunities in the future?

In my area, this type of position usually requires a bachelors degree so my concern is that having only an associates degree could make me fall behind in the future.