A word of caution on COVID manufacturing initiatives

There has been a rise in initiatives to help each other out in the current health crisis. Manufacturers all over are seeing what they can do, by producing medical items or sharing raw materials and components. While I wholeheartedly believe these are with the best intentions, it puts us as mods in a difficult position.

As mods we are unable to assess the validity of these posts. We cannot differentiate the fact from fiction, especially with different procedures and different government policies on the virus being applied over the world. We are no experts on manufacturing medical equipment and the related processes either. These would be reasons to remove such posts. But on the other hand, we do not want to limit people helping each other out.

Therefore we’re implementing the following policy:

  • Corona-related initiatives are allowed.
  • They are not checked, verified or otherwise controlled by the moderators.
  • Use your own best judgement when getting involved with such initiatives.
  • Always follow instructions from your own government and/or judicial bodies.

These policies can change without further notice.

Best of luck and stay safe.