A new manufacturing process for bottled water?

Hi good people of reddit

I have a question about the technology in manufacturing.

So, I have a factory that processes natural water; cleans it, and fills the bottles, packs them onto pallets, and moves into a truck. Pretty straight forward and standard for a factory. There is a need for about 10 people per shift to operate everything.

The problem that I have is that in this country where the factory is, there is a huge emigration problem that came to be several years ago. There is basically nobody to employ. Now, the factory is currently frozen as there is nobody to work in it, so in this age of computers and robotics am forced to seek a different solution.

It’s very hard for me to even comprehend what is available out there at the moment. Is there a robot that can replace the human hand here? Possibly to automate the entire process? I don’t reject the idea that there is still something that a robot cannot do, but the further this can be automated, the better.

I am trying to find some existing tech available out there but I have a feeling I am even having hard time with keywords hence my presence here on reddit.

Any good info here might be good enough to save the company.

I thank everyone in advance.