A few questions

Hi guys, I am trying to develop a new product range for my company: pipe and tube fittings ( ISO 4144, SAE J514, etc) I have a few questions regarding it, I’d appreciate it greatly if you can answer em.

  1. Is there any way of obtaining the standard documents other than buying them, as I am just trying to check everything out, whether I can manufacture these products or not, and there are a lot of standards, paying for them at this stage is not possible for me.
  2. As the designs must be according to the standards, there can’t be a lot of variations, and I assume that they can’t be copyrighted (correct me if I’m wrong) so, is it possible to get designs of these fittings with all the details (such as tolerance and material and other stuff) necessary to manufacture them?

So, basically, till now we have manufactured stuff with readymade designs, so I am new at this, I know the basics of a few CAD software and I can learn further but, my resources are scarce.

Thank you.